What people are saying about Suits, Stilettos, and Lipstick…

“What a fabulous, professional, inspiring conference! A true life changing experience. Thank you Dr Elizabeth King, for your insight, vision, passion, and energy. But more important, for giving women a place to feel empowered, and the tools to grow at all levels. Wow! …And to think, this was only my first year.”

-Grace Bosco, Sadhana Spa

“Suits, Stilettos, and Lipstick. If you have the suits, have the stilettos, have the lipstick and would like to spend the day with other women who are rocking it, you need to go to the SSL conference. It’s the sisterhood of gorgeous, intelligent women who have something important to share. And share they do. These women are telling all…how they achieved their success, how they overcame their fears and how they learned to believe in themselves. They are inspiring and they are on a serious mission to get every woman in the room to feel as good as they do. It is absolutely the most energizing and uplifting conference I have attended. If you don’t jump up out of your seat and start dancing at the end of it you obviously spent too much time at the silent auction!!!!”

-Claudia Marcus, Productive Sleep

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