Keynote Speaker

Kandee G, Creator of The Vision Program, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, Magazine Editor, Equine Assisted Therapist

Kandee G is an international leader in corporate and personal development. Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker says that, “Kandee G has been gifted with the ability to help people change their lives.” Les Brown also states “Kandee G is recognized as being among the top in the industry.”

Kandee G has found an incredible way to bring together her two great loves. One is her passion for making a difference. The other is her amazing love for horses, especially the incredible Gypsy Vanner breed. Through Equine Assisted work, she uses the horses and their natural herd behaviors to teach people in a way that they cannot learn in any other form of training. She has now built a beautiful training facility in Central Florida that brings her Vision Program and Equine Assisted Training together. In an amazing way, Kandee G and her horses teach us the extraordinary power of Vision.

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