Keynote Speaker

Kellie Kuecha 2017 Speech


The Wild and Free Woman

How I Used the Power of Community to Grow my Brand, Find my Family and Heal My Roots


Losing her mother shortly after birth, Kellie Kuecha (born Tayebe Aligholizade) was given up for adoption in Iran by her father in 1972 and brought to the United States, far away from her Persian roots and country. Growing up as a little girl with the embedded primal wound that often accompanies mother/child separation, Kellie spent her entire life cultivating family as she went along as a way to sooth the never ending void that abandonment often imbeds in adopted children. She began bringing communities together as a child as a means of survival, which served as the building blocks to her becoming a successful entrepreneur. Being a community organizer and bridge builder has become Kellie’s hallmark and has given her the ability to expand her message globally and heal her own roots, while providing women safe places to share, grow and thrive.

With her reputation as a riveting public speaker, coach and event facilitator, Kellie has helped illuminate the future for tens of thousands women both in business and philanthropically throughout her career. She breathes new life into the journey businesswomen face by sharing her unique blend of community-based business strategies combined with real life adversities.

Her never-shared-before talk on The Wild and Free Woman will surely leave her audience captivated and at the same time, focused on proven strategies that will help grow their brand and business while leaving an indelible mark on the world for many generations to come!