Why is Leo a Miami jazz legend?  Just look at a few of his accomplishments listed on his website:  “After 30 years of show business, Casino has some pretty impressive credentials. He is a Grammy-nominated composer and sax artist who has recorded 100+ songs, scored/acted in 18 movies, and has appeared on the Geraldo, Maury Povitch, and Today Shows. He recently performed at the Memphis Jazz Festival, Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival and numerous festivals and concerts around the globe. Along the way, Leo has performed with many greats including George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Neil Diamond, Jimi Hendrix, Donny Hathaway, Peter Tosh, Neville Brothers, Miles Jaye, Bob Marley, Gloria Gaynor, Robert Flack, Lionel Richie, Grace Jones, Meat Loaf and Jaco Pastorius—to name just a few.”

Even President Bill Clinton had this to say in a handwritten note to Leo: “Leo, your new CD is really smoking.”