Breakout Speaker

SusieQ is an inspirational speaker, author, accomplished award-winning artist and the publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine in Broward County, Florida. Dedicated to personal and planetary health.

At present, SusieQ is focusing her talents to engage in conversation about trash, using discarded materials as the media for her current personal and collaborative art series— Global TRASHformation—and the movement that organically evolved.

The vision for Global TRASHformation is to encourage communities worldwide and support artists (visual and performance) in highlighting this important social issue and to create and maintain litter-free zones. SusieQ sees the ripple effect already in action.

She has been the featured speaker on numerous stages, including the recent Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation Biennial Conference in Orlando, speaking on the importance of creativity in the workplace; she had a workstation set up where publishers were able to participate in a collaborative art project using cleaned litter. Other stages include Women’s Prosperity Network Unconference, AmeriCorps and the Guerrilla Marketing Summit.

To support her key talking points, she shares images of her personal artwork and the collaboratives she’s created over the last six years with companies such as Citrix, Audubon, Lovewell and Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick.

Whether it’s a presentation designed for school children or adults, SusieQ’s talks are informative and delightful to hear and experience, leaving one with a smile and encouragement to take that next important step on the journey.