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PACE Center for Girls

The foundation of PACE is a gender-responsive culture. PACE provides at no cost, a safe environment that celebrates girls. Our services incorporate the major developmental domains of girls. Staff understand the lives of girls and can respond to their strengths and challenges. PACE is an important prevention, diversion and early


intervention model specifically responsive to the needs of girls and is recognized as among the most effective programs in the country for keeping girls out of the juvenile justice system.

PACE Center for Girls Broward is a free, voluntary program providing academics, counseling, life skills training, career and college preparation and community service projects for adolescent girls.  To be considered for enrollment, the girl must be between the ages of 11 to 17 years old (grades 6th – 12th), reside in Broward County and present 3 or more risk factors. A girl can be referred to PACE by parents, school counselors, social services professionals, doctors, juvenile judges or themselves (self-referral). Our program hours of operation are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Mondaythrough Friday, with extended care available until 4:30 pm.

The following are services offered at PACE Broward:

PACE Day Program: Provides year round academics, counseling  and case management services to adolescent girls (grades 6-12) in a safe, structured, and  supportive environment.

Transitional Services: Ongoing case management to support girls once they transition from PACE to return to their boundary school, pursue  higher education,  or enter the workforce.

PACE Reach Therapeutic Counseling Services: Provides individual, group and family counseling to girls and their families in the community.

Diversion and Civil Citation: Is a voluntary option for girls who do not wish to take their juvenile offense through the court system by engaging in case management and  counseling services.

The C.A.T.C.H 84 Foundation

The C.A.T.C.H 84 Foundation (Children Achieving through Community Help) was founded by NFL veteran Chris Chambers in 2005 as a way to give back to the youth thru educational and athletic empowerment. C.A.T.C.H 84 promotes,CATCH 84 conducts, and maintains activities on its own behalf and assists other corporations, organizations, and institutions carrying out such activities.

Each year at C.A.T.C.H 84 we combine our teams expertise and experience to continually administer events, help institutions as well as other nonprofit organizations improve mental, physical, and economical conditions that restrict children’s personal growth and development.

The C.A.T.C.H. 84 Foundation values the importance of shaping the lives of children during their formative years so that each child develops aspirations for their very own American dream through academic achievement, positive social skills development, stimulating individual creativity, promoting team unity and attaining healthy lifestyles through health and wellness activities.

Team of Life 

Team of Life is a nonprofit organization that

  • Offers its young people unwavering support;
  • Instills in young people lifetime values to develop them emotionally, spiritually, and socially as expressed in the life long achievements of its founder Essie Reed, Big Mama; Train young people in education, service, and leadership TeamOfLifeTransfer
  • Serves in our communities and families with love and values-based events.

The fundamental challenge facing our community is to create harmony, unity and educational advancement for our youth and parents. Team of Life, Inc. believes that the best way to meet this challenge is to educate and encourage the youth, our future, were the problems can be prevented; and to ensure participation by the parents, men and women, from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of society. In our experience, such activities help build common understanding, enhance excellence, enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.

Women In Distress 

Women In Distress is the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full service domestic violence center serving Broward County, Florida. Our mission is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.We strive to accomplish this mission through a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter program, Women In Distress_red_horizontal_300individual counseling, support groups and professional trainings which are aimed at educating the community on domestic violence. Our confidential services are offered free of charge to victims of domestic violence no matter their race, sex, age, religion, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, immigration status or language spoken.Women In Distress believes that each survivor of domestic violence has the right to a safe, secure home and the capability to self-determine their violence free future. That is why we center our efforts in providing an environment that will help participants recover from the traumatic effects of victimization and develop an understanding and awareness of the dynamics of domestic violence by empowering them to gain independence and self-sufficiency.