Diversity Panelist

Yessenia Leyva
Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

Yessenia has been blessed with the chance of being able to share her story as she thrives on being an advocate for people with disabilities. She does so by building professional relationships, raising awareness in different topics, event planning/fundraising, motivational speaking, and radio announcing. Born with a neurological tube defect called Spina Bifida, the failure of the spine to close properly before birth her parents were told that she would not live very long and if so, she would remain a vegetable confined to a wheelchair dependent on others for the rest of my life.

She enjoys using her talent of communication to include the community on disability related topics and events through multiple appearances on radio and television. In addition, she has worked multiple voice overs and infomercials in affiliation with Cox Media, and host for Talent TV Productions, giving talented artist the opportunity to be recognized.

She has co-produced multiple runway shows. Today, she continues to be actively involved with The Expo at Nova University and her latest, FUnclusion event -featuring performers – inclusive fashion show and fun for the entire family- dissolving barriers while having fun.

This has helped her gain a platform in the community as advocate for people with disabilities, and inform families of the resources available in the community while being a voice for people to be given an opportunity to use their talents on television and radio regardless of their disability.

To learn more, please visit DPTsolutions.org or join her on Facebook.com/letsIntegrate.